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Learn more here -> SURPRISE: You’re Eating Fukushima Radiation and Bloody, Cancerous Tumors in Fish Contaminated By Radiation



Think tanks fail to run through the finish line in Sochi. No medal in the race for humanity.

With that kind of money involved and all the ‘expert’ heads that were supposedly involved with the creation of the olympic village in Sochi, not one came up with a recycling or green approach?  No recycling bins?  None??  Wow.  Great job.

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I recently visited a small little village in Gigante, Nicaragua…again.  I’m drawn to this place and the people.  Each time I go I try to involve myself in some sort of community project or mostly inter-cambio exchange programs.    This time it was a safety/ water rescue course that we did with the kids of this small fishing village.  We taught them what to look for in a scenerio where there’s a victim in need of help in the water.  We showed them how to rescue that person safely out of the water and taught them basic CPR.  imageSome other techniques we showed them were, how to treat broken bones, cuts and bruises alike utilizing homemade slings, splints and basic bandaging along with wilderness rescue transports.  They did great.  We comfortably feel that in an emergency situation, these kids are waaay better off now.  They hadimage lots of questions and they all wanted to participate so each and everyone of them practiced hands-on and performed perfectly!  Great job kids!